Fiddle Paradiddle website

A website created for a new Ceilidh band based in south London. View the full website at

Hotspots e-atlas website

Hotspots is a research project looking at those places on our planet most populous with wildlife of all kinds. This website showcases those involved, their work, their methods and some great photography they took along the way. Please visit to view the full site.

Romance of Rust logo

Romance of Rust are in the classic car restoration business. Repairing and restoring classic cars to their former glory. Forming a new business from the ashes of a former one it seemed appropriate to incorporate a phoenix somewhere …

Project details
The brief was to design a logo which would fit with the heritage of car badge design and contain an element of flair and passion involved in their work. The logo was to appear initially on business cards, but also for stickers and even engine bulkheads!

The client wanted a couple of different designs for his business card, so we ended up with a typographic …

Personal projects

These projects are on going and are done in the spare time we have. We hope to have to interesting things to show here eventually …

ClubCare leaflet

A5 leaflet design to advertise ClubCare, a new support club for elderly people
A5 leaflet for ClubCare

ClubCare logo design

Logo design for a new part of the All Souls Clubhouse who help oler people in Central London. Other than the colours needing to fit with existing Clubhouse branding, the brief was pretty open
ClubCare logo design
Project details
The light blue is from the original branding of the clubhouse and I’ve combined that with a purple to make it a bit warmer and to highlight the ‘care’ pare of the name. The hand print gives an impression of hands on help, with the heart showing their motive for doing so.

Fresh Perspectives Web Design

This website design is part of a branding design package for Fresh Perspectives Consulting Ltd. Please visit to view the full site.

Fresh Perspectives home page

Ning’s Malaysian Food

Self published book designed for a Manchester based restaurant. The style of the Ning restaurant brand needed to be worked into the book design, this happened mostly with colour and consistent use of type throughout the book.

Malaysian Food is Ning's first cook book
Book design Brief
Authentic, personal, individual, ‘Ning’, stylish but not pretentious, simple. These were the words Ning wanted to used to describe their book. Malaysian food is not a typical recipe book, much of the page content is devoted to the story behind Malaysian food with personal introductions from chef Norman Musa, and intervals of information on specific everyday aspects of Malaysian food, as well as information about Ning and …

James Martin, my kitchen

Internal book design and book setting for HarperCollinsPublishers. The concept design for this book was done by Allies Design, but lacked consistency. The design was finished and set by Typefunction.
James Martin: my kitchen. Cover designed by HarperCollins Publishers
Book design brief
The book was handed over partially designed, so my brief was to make the current design more consistant and work with the page extent needed for the book. Then to set the book within the schedule given.

Recipe spread using reportage images

recipe spread using a recipe image with full bleed

HarperCollins Biographies

At HarperCollins Publishers, Colin Hall designed many biographies and autobiographies, most of which involve mono text pages and 4 colour plate sections.

Book covers designed by HarperCollins Publishers
Design Brief
All of these books have individual styles usually related to the person the book is based on, some can be fairly straight, others require some basic illustration to liven up the text page, most have colour plate sections, which increasingly needed to be stylised beyond a standard plate section.

Matthew Hoggards book even went as far as having a flip animation throughout of a cricket ball heading for the stumps throughout the book….