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New Student Investor Website

24 August 2020

Typefunction is the typesetting arm of Refined Practice and I’d like to tell you of a new project we are excited about.

The Student Investor Challenge was an online share trading game run since 2003 for secondary school business studies, maths and economics students. The game stopped in 2020, but we are launching a new share trading game called SI:Redux to fill the gap left in online learning resources.

The game is being put together with privacy in mind, so all students information and data will remain their information and data. For regular updates on the games progress and when we’ll able to start please check out the blog.

Please …

a type-eye view

16 November 2009

I’d like to start by laying down what i’m going to use this blog for. It’s not about blowing my own trumpet, that’s what the ‘work.’ part of this …