Ning’s Malaysian Food

Self published book designed for a Manchester based restaurant. The style of the Ning restaurant brand needed to be worked into the book design, this happened mostly with colour and consistent use of type throughout the book.

Malaysian Food is Ning's first cook book

Malaysian Food is Ning's first cook book

Book design Brief

Authentic, personal, individual, ‘Ning’, stylish but not pretentious, simple. These were the words Ning wanted to used to describe their book. Malaysian food is not a typical recipe book, much of the page content is devoted to the story behind Malaysian food with personal introductions from chef Norman Musa, and intervals of information on specific everyday aspects of Malaysian food, as well as information about Ning and the cookery school.

Ning, the restaurant has a very specific brand. Pink and black colour scheme, batik print, georgia typeface, all of which had to be part of the book.


A recipe spread

A text and image spread

A text and image spread

Project details

The book was self published by Ning, so had a tight budget and a tight schedule. The main bulk of the design work was completed in a week, done in Manchester at the Ning studio.

You can buy Malaysian Food from Amazon or visit the Ning website

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